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Firehawk SecFor / FHS4

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Medical

Firehawk SecFor is a private military themed group specializing in security and emergency services in and around the Stanton system. Currently our main areas of operation are Hurston and Arccorp, We plan on expanding a third branch to assist in events/operations in the near future in Microtech.


The idea that started Firehawk Security Force was that of an org with aims to provide content unto players that spans each portion of the games original content and more. Creating our own when the pace of the game begins to seem slow as well as creating a tight community. After some brief setup and delegation of responsibilities from those who were first with us we ultimately decided that 3 Mini-orgs in one, each complementing the others in fields and gameplay loops they specialize in when another is weak in a given area. Allowing us to bring you the player with content outside of CIG sponsored events and loops when the game feels slow.

Currently we cover:
Tutoring on game mechanics
And much more.

For more info on what each sector does, feel free to check our manifesto!


With the intent to provide plenty of content to new and old players alike we’ve created these sectors aimed at providing players with their choice of primary preferred content, Which new individuals will be assigned to but are only locked in with those sectors during events and trainings.

Sector 1:
RA – Botsumi
Base Location: ArcCorp, Arc L1


Group mining (Argo Mole captains will share profits per completed run)
Refined Material Sales on ArcCorp
Teaching new players how to mine without exploding

Org Logistics:
(Sector 1 provides the following for all operations and events.)
Medical Cargo
Safe respawn for all org operations
“If you get clapped we put you back in the fight”

Territory Control:
Mechanized Infantry

Controlling the objective at all events is the military function of Sector 1. All ships, used or provided, will serve the function of retrieving and defending objectives for any Star Citizen event. Players interested in flying for this sector should consider ship choices for this goal on the ground and space.

Clear coms
Working Microphone
Multi tool and healing utilities

Sector 2:
RA – Knudsy
Sector 2 Base Location: Hurston, Everus Harbor
“The Medical Mercs”


Running medical rescues as they appear.
Exfilling wounded
Running escort for medical ships and providing overwatch.
Proficiently Treating Type 2 and Type 3 Injuries.
Provide transport to the nearest facility with medical care.

Running bunkers operations in teams.
Run PvE bounties to give more cockpit time in action as well as turret time.
Help others outside the org to clear a mission.
Help fly fighter escorts during operations.
Help secure org positions during ops.

Organization Support:

During Org OPs we provide medical support and troop transport to the battlefield and from. Get the people in but get those in need out of harm’s way. We will provide light and medium fighter support and escort. We may not be the first ones in but we will be the last ones out. No Man Left Behind.

Clear comms
Working Microphone
Nerves of Steel
“Don’t worry Doc is in.”

Sector 3:

Sector 3 Base Location: MIC, New Babbage
Event Ship/Gear Stationed: Arc L1


Air Force:
Flight School
Air Supremacy (Highest Priority)
Comm Array Disablement (High Priority)
Aeiral Blockade (Medium Priority)

Org Responsibilities:

Provide’s Flight Cert’s
Interdiction Ship’s
Heavy Fighter’s
Light Fighter’s

Territory Control:

Sector 3 is responsible to Disable local Comm Array stationed around Objective Planets when required. Ultimately all Pilot’s and Gunner’s trained for this sector are to provide Aeriel Enforcement and control at and around objective zones, providing a safe peremiter for other sectors to operate in. Extra air enforcements to be placed strategicly around objective zone’s creating Bloackades to keep traffic limited for FHS4 and Authorized personel.


Clear Comms
Working Mic

Sector 4:

Base Location: ArcCorp
FA- Silthrim2


Quick Reaction Force:
Duty to be able to quickly respond to callouts for assistance from other sectors.
Duty to have full Loadouts at local designated QRF Posts

Advanced Infantry Tactics:
Given the nature of Sec4 housing administrative elements of the org, additional infantry training
and squad composition drills will be neccesary.
Players interested in joining this fireteam should consider their schedule beforehand

Flight Logistics:
Duty to provide refueling and recovery support where operable.
Duty to breif route considerations when moving with large formations

Org Recruitment:
Duty to recruit when a possibility presents itself.
Duty to understand and deliver briefs to potential recruits.
Duty to provide briefs to new members

Maintaining Command and positive control of the Battlefield is the primary Objective of Sector 4.
As Sec4 functions normally in an admin position, players interested in this sector will be held to a higher standard.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”~ Gen. Patton

Basic Infantry cert
Medical Cert.
Master Gunner Cert.
Pilot Cert
Voice Comms

Firehawk Support Ops Team
S.O. Chief Lomebriwen (Lome)

Sector – Members remain in their main sectors and are assigned for specific events
Base Location: NA


Intelligence Gathering:
Research all data for events (ie. Jumptown)
Gather data such as terrain, weather patterns, and geological points of interest
Determine possible flight paths, drive paths, and locations for temporary base setup
Search the web for info relating to events such as YouTube videos

Intelligence Documentation:
Create docs to be used for ops briefing
Document all intelligence gathered and store for future use

Historical Archives:
Photograph all events for future use in ops and marketing

Stealth Bombing
Provide support for ongoing ops utilizing stealth ships with bombing capabilities (such as the Eclipse)

Provide support for any operation including base security, transport and other functions as needed when stealth support not needed

Infantry Cert
Flight Cert
Mounted Cert
Clear comms
Self reliant
Ability to sit in one place for extended periods of time (in game)

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” -Bell


#1 FHS4 has a loose Milsim framework, However this doesn’t mean any of our events to include trainings are mandatory. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ * As each sector has a role to play in and out of events, so too does our certificates program. While gaining these in house Certificates is highly encouraged, they arend required. When serious PVP events pop up it lets us not only put you where in the action you want to be but also lets us know how to use the assets afforded to us in a tactical manner. # 2 FHS4 Only has two official rules, A few standard operations procedures go a long way. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ * There are only 2 common official rules that will get you removed from the group, Everything else is subject to a review by the admins and judged on a case by case basis by no less than 2 administrative staff. (Actually any kick requires approval at multiple levels, Even if decided by a fleet admiral a kick must be approved by an Adm. or RAdm.) * 1. Don’t be inactive (We do activity checks once a month, checked via a bot in our discord. If individual reaches 30days of 0 activity we attempt contact, if contact is made they get another 30 days, the longest we allow this to persist is 90 days assuming individual keeps in contact.) * 2. Dont harass other individuals/ No Drama ( The admin team here at FHS4 believe in the sanctity of free speech, however even we have very different and in some cases opposite views whether it be politically or religiously. And due to experience we beleive these issues can be brushed aside to work torwards our common goals in game.)
  • In way of a charter that’s it. Pardon the formatting. The drafting for these sections isnt very user friendly Everything else boils down to SOP’s depending on events available. which are commonly updated in discord. We hope to catch you in the verse!