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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 1 day ago
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Origin 400i, the little yacht that could.

The 400i has been a daily driver for me and my go to chauffeuring ship for the Org. It may be outclassed by ships like the Mercury Star Runner and it’s larger sibling the 600i, but it feels great to pilot solo. I do have some qualms about the design such as the top rear turret or the low clearance that makes getting ground vehicles in somewhat tedious, but overall I love the design enough to live with the shortcomings. From the sleek bow with built-in bike elevator to the wide stern and it’s stunning engines, it looks (and handles) like a yacht meant to be taken out for a weekend cruise. The vast array of missiles, decent shielding and great turret coverage also makes it quite durable and combat friendly to a point. If you get the chance, take some friends out for an adventure in the 400i and I’m sure you’ll start to love it as much as I do.


Dat nose on dat boat.

Now all we need is a campfire and some s'mores.

I mean... just look at it!

Where there is a will to make it fit, there is a way to make it fit (though not advised).

A little trick we schemed up to assist vehicles under the low belly.



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