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May 28th 2020

Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1

Star Citizen Patch 3.9.1

Alpha Patch 3.9.1 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.9.1-LIVE.5250536.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE.

Database Persistence Wipe: NO
Long Term Persistence: Enabled

Known Issues

  • The no-fly zone around security docks at orbital stations may destroy the player’s ship if they enter. Work-around: Keep a safe distance while in a ship or land and take the elevator to the security dock to watch on foot.
  • The Fleet Week display Anvil Carrack has a non-working ICU bed that players will get stuck in if they set their ICU to it. Work-around: Do not set your ICU to the display ship.
  • Extra, duplicate, and static trains can appear at Lorville, New Babbage, and Area 18 and may prevent their usage.
  • The multiTool from the prison commissary does not come equipped with an OreBit mining attachment.
  • If the player exits to menu/disconnects/crashes during the prison load screen transition their load-out will not be changed.
  • Ships can be displayed in an “unknown” state, unclaimable and irretrievable.
  • The no-fly zone around security docks at orbital stations may destroy the player’s ship if they enter.
  • The PC2 gimbal mounts on Freelancers and Starfarers does not converge correctly.
  • The personal inner-thought wheel does not scale correctly for wide screen usage.
  • All map markers are off set from planet surfaces.
  • There is a very visible, incorrect reflection on the Super Hornet’s canopy.
  • The SCU amount displayed for the 890’s cargo capacity is incorrect.


Server, Database, and Backend Fixes

  • The team has been working non-stop on resolving issues with service stability. Numerous hotfixes have been applied so far and will continue to be put in moving forward. Note: Because of the outages, your account may be stuck a bad state, which includes missing all ships, missing the mobiGlas, invisible character, or stuck on the CC screen. Hotfixes will not correct currently broken accounts and those players may need to perform a character reset.


* Increased Fleet Week mission timer from 15 to 30 minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visarea issue in the Cutlass Black variants that was allowing players to see into the cockpit while standing in the back of the ship.
  • Constellation Aquila should no longer clip into the landing pad or break off components after applying a paint.
  • Invictus Fleet should now consistently spawn at their intended destinations.
  • Fixed issue with the Cutlass Blue flight controller so it should now have its intended rotation values, overheat properly, and have proper amount of afterburner multiplier.
  • Paints attached to the Constellation Aquila should now correctly display on the ship.
  • Fleet week ships should now correctly fire at hostiles when inside greenzones.
  • Fixed an issue causing Javelin turrets to scale larger than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get in and steal NPC F8 and F7a ships.
  • Freelancer DUR should no longer lose maneuverability at 50% fuel.
  • Fixed incorrect QT fuel tank capacities on the Pisces, Terrapin, and 315p.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Javelin and Idris that were causing extra damage to the fleet when attacked.
  • Increased the health of some components and items attached to the fleet week Javelin and Idris.

Star Citizen Patch 3.9.1

New Features

Ships and Vehicles

  • New Ship: Drake Cutlass Blue

Feature Updates


  • Reduced player’s movement speed while charging a railgun.
  • Updated Arena Commander Free Flight to no longer kick players for friendly fire.
  • Temporarily removed scramble races.
  • Friends list on the frontend will now display the number of players on a PU server they are in if you right click on their name.
  • Increased score to REC conversion for all Electronic Access games.
  • Increased REC rewards for Star Marine.
  • Arena Commander scoring pass on all ships.
  • Reduced score required for Battle Royale and Squadron Battle to 15k and 30k respectively.
  • Reduced time limit for Battle Royale and Squadron Battle to 15 minutes.
  • Removed timers for “steal stash” mission.
  • Added Drake Caterpillar, Cutlass Red, and Cutlass Blue to Arena Commander Inventory.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Changed in-range radar targets to show up as known to remove the “?” AR marker.
  • The Glaive and Blade can now swap shields.
  • The Buccaneer can now equip size 1 gimbals.
  • Increased max speed of the Retaliator to 942.
  • The Valkyrie’s pilot guns, wing guns, powerplants, and shields can now be swapped.
  • The Cyclones shields can now be swapped.
  • Adjusted Reclaimer’s default shields to intended 3x S3.
  • Cyclones now have shields equipped by default as spec’d
  • Starfarer/Gemini nose mount can be swapped between fuel intake and missile rack with missiles customisable.
  • Increased the distance players can scan and detect Sentries and Probes.

Core Tech

  • Long term persistence, the wallet, and the ledger have been updated for more stability.
  • Consumables (missiles, medpens, oxypens, flares, weapon magazines) will no longer persistence between resets/wipes.

Bug Fixes

  • VMA screen should no longer violently shake or cause Male Characters will shift position when changing ship weapons in the VMA.
  • Signal multipliers in vehicle armor components should now correctly contribute to a vehicle’s signature.
  • ANVIL Terrapin Shield Generators & Power Plants should now be able to be changed out in vehicle loadout manager.
  • Ship positions displayed on the MFD radar for the Hammerhead turrets should no longer be inverted.
  • Fog effect inside the Esperia Prowler should no longer clip through the ship hull to the outside of the ship when in motion.
  • Slightly increased player character strafe speed.
  • Fixed obscuring reflections on the Carrack’s belly turret canopy.
  • Duplicate, Static trains should no longer appear in New Babbage and Lorville.
  • Reduced health of Prowler nose/body.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause high winds to pick up a ship and cause it to get blown away.
  • Fixed an issue causing the 890j hangar not to open for the Boarding action in progress mission.
  • Fixed underbarrel attachments clipping inside of the Custodian SMG weapon when attached.
  • Players should no longer clip into bunks of the Reclaimer, Retaliator, and Hammerhead.
  • Fixed an issue causing confirmation voice to play twice when depositing ore into prison terminals for merits.
  • The synced assassination mission should now properly update when killing a target.
  • Fixed mission text descriptions showing “LocationAddress” instead of the actual location.
  • Cockpit glass should now be correctly transparent in the Drake Cutlass best in show.
  • Captain’s bed in the Aegis Retaliator should now have interaction.
  • The Freelancer MIS should now have functioning shields.
  • The Reclaimer’s power plant slot now only supports size 4.
  • The Reclaimer’s quantum drive now only supports size 3.
  • Clovus/ Miles Eckhart invite missions should now show the objective marker and update when arriving to them.
  • ARGO MPUV Transport has correct amount of coolers and fuel intakes and hydrogen fuel tanks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player not to be able to respawn after self destructing and dying in their 890j.
  • Mission Givers should now correctly speak and animate if player accepts an invite mission.
  • Fixed missing audio on the 890j rear elevator.
  • Ground vehicles should now be able to be spawned at Outposts.
  • Argo Mole mechanical audio sound should now correctly play when switching from Fracturing mode to Extraction mode.
  • UI audio on the Regal ship rental screens should no longer have excessively loud elements.
  • Quantum drive Align To Target SFX should no longer continue to play if the player re-aligns with the target.
  • Players should no longer lose their wallet value on second login.
  • Players arms should no longer be twisted out of place when in the rear support seat of the Reliant Mako.
  • Fixed and issue causing players to be misaligned when climbing the ladder in the Freelancer series.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple player ships to spawn on top of each other in Multiplayer Arena Commander.
  • Art and color at Port Olisar should no longer change on second login.
  • AI should no longer stand idle on chairs and benches.
  • Fixed an issue that caused surface outpost airlock doors to not have collision.
  • Top remote turret on the Esperia Prowler should not longer be able to be attached to its wing mounts.
  • Fixed the Anvil Terrapin showing an incorrect itemPort name for cooler 3 in the vehicle loadout manager.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player using bed logout in a Reclaimer to log back into the bed at an angle causing them to get up outside the geometry.
  • Bed logout in the Freelancer series should now correctly put players back into the ship when rejoining the PU.
  • Bed logout in the crew beds of the Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini should now work correctly.
  • Fixed missing MFD information on the Freelancer series turret displays.
  • Fixed multiple DataCenters on microTech that were holes in the ground allowing the player to see into the planet.
  • Player’s Arms and Hands should no longer be misaligned from the Rear Support Seat in the Relaint Sen.
  • Player should no longer exit out of the wrong side of the Prospectors Bed when getting up.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause VOIP to get into a state where Proximity and/or Primary channels could be heard globally after entering other primary channels.
  • Fixed the external temperature audio warning triggering more often than intended.
  • Player camera should no longer start on the floor and raise up to standing after respawning in Star Marine.
  • Cockpit glass on the Prospector should no longer have an oddly shaped reflection on it.
  • Bug Fix – Comm array “turn on” missions should now work properly.
  • The console at Humboldt Mines on Lyria should now have collision.
  • Players should no longer be subjected to strong winds when moving around the CBD platforms at Lorville.
  • Using an EMP against an NPC target for the SyncedsAssassination missions should now trigger the mission timer to start.
  • Player’s negative virtue should now reset when completing a prison sentence legitimately allowing them to see more than just unlawful missions.
  • EMPs should no longer bypass shields when used around a planet or moon.
  • Black Market Kiosks should now be present again at their intended locations.
  • Fixed multiple areas in G-Loc Bar in Area18 causing players to get stuck in a fall animation.
  • The character should no longer become invisible and unusable.
  • Players should no longer spawn without their mobiGlas attached.
  • Duplicate ships should no longer occasionally generate.
  • aUEC should remain consistent after a character reset.
  • aUEC should re main consistent from session to session.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose collision and go into a no-clip state.
  • Player should no longer be given a CrimeStat for not stopping for a security patrol and should correctly be given an infraction.
  • There should no longer be a spot of missing texture at the Teasa Spaceport on Lorville.
  • Duplicate/Static trams should no longer appear at landing zones.
  • Autopilot should now correctly disengage after triggering it by flying into the restricted area.
  • Players should no longer hear VOIP party or proximity chats globally.
  • Female characters should no longer exit out of the Prospector’s bed on the wrong side.
  • Authorized Execution Warrant missions from Hurston should no longer award the player with a Homicide crimestat


  • Fixed 9 server crashes.
  • Server deadlock fix.
  • Fixed 18 client crashes.

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